ayoka is the first Good Mood Drink with a mix of vitamins, caffeine and natural 5-HTP – extracted from the African black bean – that makes the body produce feelings of happiness.
ayoka a real innovation:

Because completely without alcohol, artificial substances and illegal substances, ayoka supports the body in the production of the happiness hormones dopamine and serotonin.

The result tastes great and the effect speaks for itself.


After the Good Mood Drink, there are now also the Good Mood Gums.

Whether at an important meeting or during a stressful exam period – sometimes we all need a little boost to feel better again. ayoka Good Mood Gum is a functional chewing gum that simply puts you in a good mood: with its long-lasting taste and unique combination of vitamins, amino acids and plant extracts, it boosts your well-being and improves your mood, all without sugar.

Good News

Feel ayoka!

5-HTP (Griffonia)

Plant extract
The serotonin precursor of the African black bean - also known as a good mood booster.

Green tea

Plant extract
The best of green tea - famous for its relaxing, soothing effect on body and mind.


Plant extract
Natural caffeine - one of the most common and popular mood enhancers in the world. Excites, but never upsets.


Amino acid
Basic building block for the natural production of dopamine - to stay cool and easy even in stressful situations.


Amino acid
Basic building block for the natural production of serotonin - also found as a happiness maker in chocolate or nuts.

Vitamin D

Popularly known as the "sun vitamin" - for good reasons: Because why does a sunny day by the sea actually feel so good?

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