Big things start in small cans

Would we have invented the wheel, flown the moon or programmed the Internet while in a bad mood? Hardly likely. We believe in people and their dreams, crazy ideas, ticks, mistakes, idiosyncrasies and visions.

Ayoka started with a small idea. Fortunately, we were crazy enough to put it into practice. Not alone, of course, but with creative people from Vienna, Berlin and Miami. Because we believe that an open mind makes the world a better place. The design of the Ayoka can is just such an example. It also started with a small idea and it continues to grow every day.

We discovered the Bosnian artist Rikardo D. on Instagram. We liked his large, emotional pictures so much that we spontaneously asked him if he would like to cooperate with us and interpret “good mood” creatively for us. As a result, every can of ayoka has become a little work of art, we shot a film with him and launched his first exhibition in Austria. And that is just the beginning.

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