Find your Happiness with our Store Finder

Have you ever asked yourself at 3 o’clock in the morning where to get your ayoka? Didn’t find an answer? We know that all too well. Don’t worry, we’ve finally found a solution for that. With our store finder you can easily find a branch that carries ayoka near you. Simply enter the address and the store finder will find the nearest option. Don’t worry, of course we won’t remember your address!

With the help of a filter, you can easily choose between supermarket, wholesale, gas station or Späti, depending on what time you want to be in a good mood.
Try it out an get a dose/can of good mood near you.


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The Story Behind Ayoka

Philip and Sebastian – what began as friendship is now the cornerstone of ayoka. At the age of 16, while still attending high school, the

Boost your Serotonin without Drugs.

Happiness hormones play an essential role in a person’s sense of well-being. If the natural hormone balance in the human body is not sufficiently balacned,