Philip and Sebastian what began as friendship is now the cornerstone of ayoka. At the age of 16, while still attending high school, the two founders Philip and Sebastian, out of an interest in functional foods, came up with the idea for ayoka. 

Although we live in a safe society and the quality of life has reached its peak in our part of the world, more and more people are abandoning their dreams and passions and are becoming unhappy. For Philip and Sebastian the question that posed itself was “why?”.
Why do people squeeze themselves into a mould just to do conform to an image of society, even if that makes them unhappy? The biological origin of happiness or “good mood” comes from our happy hormones, mainly serotonin and dopamine.
With these current social developments in mind, a drink that raises the mood appeared to be almost perfect. With such a drink they want to start at the point at which happiness is produced in the human body, with the happy hormones with a good mood drink.
However, the brand stands for more than the hedonistic need to “feel good” and is not a conventional beverage brand. ayoka stands in contrast to the conformist social system, which suppresses individualism and creativity and is aimed at giving people the courage to once again be themselves. The courage to go your own way and strive for perfection and satisfaction.


Ultimately, everyone has the right to be happy.
The name “ayoka” comes from the West African language “Yoruba” and is a girl’s name that means “the (person) who brings joy”.
Philip and Sebastian liked the name so much because it sums up the product promise and brand identity: to spread a good mood.
In any case, it can be said with certainty that ayoka brings joy.
Feel ayoka!

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